There are many roads to adoption.  Domestic, International, and adopting through the state foster care system.


Bethany Christian Services is an adoption agency who works with families seeking either Domestic or International Adoption. Though Home for Good does not endorse any specific agency we have families in our network who have worked successfully with Bethany.  Bethany has offices both in Massachusetts and New Hampshire.


In the state of Massachusetts, the Department of Children and Families (DCF) is the state agency charged with the responsibility of protecting children from child abuse and neglect.  If a child needs to be removed from their home and reunification is not possible DCF oversees this process.


To learn more about Adoption in Massachusetts through DCF please go to the DCF website.


In the state of New Hampshire, the Division for Children Youth & Families (DCYF). is the state agency charged with the responsibility of child protection.  The Foster Care Program through DCYF provides foster family homes and a family experience for children who cannot be safely cared for in their own homes.  If the child is not able to return to their home DCYF seeks out adoptive parent(s).


To learn more about Adoption in New Hampshire through DCYF please go to the DCYF website