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National Adoption Day: November 21, 2014

What is National Adoption Day?

On National Adoption Day courts in all 50 states open their doors to legalize the adoptions of thousands of children from foster care and to celebrate and honor all families that adopt. In Massachusetts, hundreds of children, parents, judges, lawyers, adoption professionals and child advocates celebrate National Adoption Day each year.

National Adoption Day 2012 took place on Friday, November 16, and saw the adoption of 95 Massachusetts children. So far, more than 30,000 children have left foster care for permanent families, thanks to National Adoption Day ceremonies. Where?

Throughout Massachusetts, judges open their courts each year on the Friday before Thanksgiving to legalize the adoptions of children currently in foster care.

Why is Adoption Important?

There are currently more than 8,000 children in foster care in Massachusetts. Of those, 2,500 have the goal of adoption, and 600 of those still need a family.

More Information?

To learn more about National Adoption Day and adoption from foster care in general, contact MARE at 617-54-ADOPT (617-542-3678) or 1-800-882-1176 or by email. Information on the nationwide celebration is available at

The Massachusetts Adoption Resource Exchange (MARE), the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families (DCF), the Juvenile Court Department of the Massachusetts Trial Court, the Probate and Family Court Department of the Massachusetts Trial Court, local adoption agencies and the courts have organized this special day to celebrate the joys of adoption and encourage more families and individuals to give children permanent families through adoption

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