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Our adoption journey and how it led to Home For Good

Updated: Jan 30, 2019

My husband Doug and I got married when we were in our forties so biological children weren’t really an option. We were fine with that but began to feel that we had a loving home to offer a child (or children). We started to pray and research the possibility of adoption. Not knowing who to ask or where to begin, I began scouring the internet searching for information. At that time, the Department of Children and Families was a big unknown, somewhat overwhelming, and quite scary. My niece was adopted from Korea so we were more familiar with the process for international adoption and began to focus on that. At the time, adopting from Guatemala was open to older couples. I had lived in Latin America for three years and am fluent in Spanish so this seemed like a great fit for us. We started the process with a local agency but after long conversations and a recommendation from a mother who had adopted two children from Guatemala, we switched to another agency for the actual adoption. Despite costing a considerable amount of money to change agencies, it was definitely the right decision for a number of reasons.

While we were in the process of completing the paperwork, waiting for a referral, waiting for the adoption to be completed, etc., we were so fortunate to have such a strong network of friends and family that supported us through everything along the way. At the time, we were co-leading an adult Sunday school class at Grace Chapel in Lexington for new believers with Rink and Wendy Jacobi. That class was so faithful in praying for us and walking alongside us through each step, first with the adoption of our son, who came home at six months of age, and our daughter, who came home at one year after a number of roadblocks in the process. Little did we know that Rink and Wendy would soon be going through a kinship adoption of their two grandchildren and our shared experiences would soon bring us together again.

Both of our children received Early Intervention (EI) services and participated in an EI adoption group. While the children played, the mothers met together with one of the EI staff. Having a chance to talk about our worries, questions, and sharing in our common experiences of adoption was invaluable and something that I wished continued beyond the three years of EI involvement. We are still friends with many from that group, but that experience led me to think about how special it would be to have a group like that within the church. We wondered about how beneficial it would have been for us to have a network of resources, information, and people within our church that we could have accessed. When Wendy approached us with a similar vision and we heard that there was another woman at the Wilmington campus, Ali Broughton who had a heart for foster care and adoption, we were overwhelmed with joy and love. We sensed God’s calling us to come together and form Home for Good.

My hope is that as others sense God’s call to foster or adopt, they will have a loving and caring place to go to find resources, information, and people who can and want to walk alongside them through their similar processes with uplifting prayer and support. As a church community with families formed through foster care and adoption, Home for Good can facilitate opportunities for fellowship and support for one another so that our children will grow up to be completely healthy individuals who know and love God.

Carol & Doug Mostrom

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