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What’s in a Name?

Home for Good. When choosing any name we mull it around in our minds, we say it out loud, and maybe write it out. We imagine saying it in a number of circumstances and moods.

Do we like how it sounds? Does it mean anything in particular? Does it have a variety of meanings? Will it be relevant in a variety of seasons?

Home for Good. When you think of your home is it good? Is your family mission “for good”? Did you travel to bring your children home for good, forever? Do you desire to bring the good into challenging situations? Do you sometimes think of church as your home? What do these 3 words mean to you?

We think the three words Home for Good when linked together are beautiful. The words encompass individual and family stories that we long to hear and come alongside of and learn from.

Home for Good is an emerging Grassroots Ministry of Grace Chapel, Lexington, MA with a goal of connecting individuals and families impacted by Adoption, Foster Care and Kinship Care. Home for Good is comprised fully of volunteers. If you want to be involved drop us an

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